The Beautiful Meaty French Forehead Of Olivier Giroud Is About To Get Meatier

Admirers of beauty around the world felt a strong disturbance in the force on Saturday. The mere thought on an Olivier Giroud shaved head will do that. 

Some folks are blessed with gorgeous faces, chiseled chins and beautiful hair. Others, like myself, would love to have just one of those traits. Giroud firmly falls into the former category, the Frenchman looking more like a model than a footballer. 

But whether we like it or not — and Twitter has come out strongly in the not category — we may have to get used to the sight of an Olivier Giroud shaved head now that France has won the World Cup.

Before the World Cup, Giroud made a promise to shave his head if France won the tournament. On Saturday, nearly a full week after Les Bleus beat Croatia to lift the country’s second World Cup trophy, Giroud confirmed he would follow through on the promise, eventually. 

The man once admired by NBCSN announcer Arlo White for his “Meaty French Forehead” is about to get a meatier French forehead. 

The response to the Olivier Giroud shaved head was not positive on Twitter, as the world collectively mourned the forthcoming loss of one of the greatest heads of hair in football.

The Olivier Giroud shaved head nearly happened earlier on live TV, but we have a feeling his wife stood firm about keeping his hair through their child’s baptism. 

Here’s a (horribly done) rendition of what the Olivier Giroud shaved head might look like.

But we here at The18 think he’ll still be pretty sexy without hair, though I don't know if he can jump to No. 1 on the MIB chart. 

And at the very least, his haircut will be better than that of Kyle Beckerman’s last year

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