Neymar And Cavani Win "Most Convincing Hug Of 2017" Award

When Neymar and Cavani were fighting last week we were, like, bumming that they might not be friends. But they're totally friends again, so now we're not.

Guys, don't worry. We have good news. We just saw Neymar and Cavani hug and these guys are totally bros again.

Seriously, just look at Cavani's face. That's exactly how we look when we hug people we love like our grandmother, or best friend, or total random strangers who smell funny.

Neymar and Cavani hug close up

Neymar and Cavani hug like brothers. Specifically, Liam and Noel Gallagher. (Photo: Twitter)

We're 99.99% certain that Cavani was not thinking about murdering Neymar when this photo was taken.

And why would he want any harm to come to the Brazilian striker? After all, Neymar scored two goals in PSG's match against Bordeaux, including this amazing 35-yard free kick. He'll probably even overtake Cavani as PSG's top scorer soon, which is really good news for Edinson. Who wants that kind of responsibility?


Speaking of which, clearly Cavani is happy to hand over penalty duties. He's practically dying to get rid of the job. I mean, he reportedly turned down a $1.2 million bonus to let Neymar take over. Did you hear that? If not, read it out loud and pay attention this time. The only sane conclusion is that Cavani thinks he should pay Neymar to take over. How much more evidence do you need that Cavani DOES NOT want to take penalty kicks, people?

To be honest, we were a little worried there might be some drama when PSG were awarded a penalty at the 40', especially after what happened last week. But Neymar was the bigger man. I mean, he just stepped right up and took the penalty. Then he gave Cavani a big, fat hug as if to say, "we both know who's wearing the daddy pants now, bro."

So, yeah, it's pretty clear that Neymar and Cavani are BFFs.

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