The Most Disrespectful Penalty Ever Taken

You shouldn't kill children, but this guy just killed a youth goalkeeper.

Do not watch this video if you are uncomfortable with children dying on camera.

This is ice cold  : @leo.tapiaa with the greatest penal of all time.

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Poor goalkeeper. Disrespected to death. Stone dead. Like if he got bit by a Mojave Rattlesnake. Now his soul is doomed to walk the earth as a ghost, not receiving eternal peace until a goalkeeper is embarrassed even worse than he was. It's kind of like Highlander. But no one will ever be disrespected/embarrassed worse than that so I don't even know why I'm telling you this.

The legends will tell of a strange whooshing only goalkeepers in goal can hear. Like tinnitus but it's a ghost. It's the spirit of the dead youth goalkeeper, emploring, nay, begging the goalkeeper to get rekt even worse and release the ghost from his worldly prison so he can ascend to the plane of immortality.

In other words, lol owned.

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