The Fortnite Craze Has Infiltrated The World Of Professional Soccer To Hilarious Effect

Fortnite here, Fortnite there, Fortnite everywhere.

You been playing Fortnite? That’s pretty original of you to be doing that. I too tried my hand at the ridiculously popular co-op sandbox survival game and got my ass kicked, although it’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey. 

I met some good friends who I no longer speak to.

Anyway, there are two soccer pitches inside the Fortnite map (one of the outdoor variety, one of the indoor), and you can even kick a ball around while scoring triggers a little bit of CenturyLink Field-esque pyrotechnics. 

And with soccer being a young person’s game (to go along with the fact that professionals have a ton of downtime where they’re limited to recovering on the sofa), it should come as no surprise that professional footballers are playing Fortnite as well.

Their love for the game is even manifesting itself on the pitch. Here are a few of the best Fortnite-inspired goal celebrations. 

And here's Swansea City forward Tammy Abraham going off in a rage after losing.

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