Mohamed Salah Is A Better Cell Phone Spokesperson Than The "Can You Hear Me Now?" Guy

A cell phone company is promising customers 11 free minutes of talking for every goal Mohamed Salah scores for the rest of the season.

Every Egyptian who uses Vodafone as his or her carrier is now by default a Liverpool fan. Them's the rules.

Vodafone has announced a deal in which Egyptian Vodafone customers get 11 free minutes of cell phone talking per goal scored by Salah. Eleven minutes is the perfect amount of free talking to receive because it's Mo Salah's number and also the amount of time you can talk to your mother before she asks if there's a new special someone in your life. Sorry mom, gotta run! I'm all out of free Salah minutes!

With over 35 million customers in Egypt, giving away free minutes could cost upwards of $100 million (at standard calling rates) for every goal he scores.

Anyway, here's a Vodafone commercial with Mo Salah wandering around Liverpool and doing stuff.

No word on whether Salah will start doing the "pretend to be talking on the phone" celebration after goals from now on. Salah has 28 Premier League goals so far this season, 36 overall.

(H/T FourFourTwo)

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