Goalkeepers Are Insane. These Are The Most Insane Goalkeeping Records

It’s long been known that goalkeepers are a special breed in football, and these goalkeeping records show just how crazy they can get.

Goalkeepers are odd. Anyone who’s ever been forced into the position by a lack of numbers can attest that it is a lonely, nerve-racking experience back there, but that’s the life they chose. 

Individual awards have an extreme preference for goal scorers, and a goalkeeper has only ever been awarded the Ballon d’Or on a single occasion — that being Lev Yashin in 1963. 

However, these goalkeeping records show the remarkable achievements that the position has contributed to the game.

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Soccer Goalkeeper Records

Most Saves in a World Cup Match:

Tim Howard (USA) vs. Belgium at the 2014 World Cup - 16 saves


Most Saves in a Premier League Match:

Tim Krul (Newcastle United) vs. Tottenham 2013 - 14 saves


Most Saves in a World Cup Penalty Shootout:

Ricardo (Portugal) vs. England at the 2006 World Cup - 3 saves


Most Saves in a European Cup Penalty Shootout:

Helmuth Duckadam (Steaua Bucharest) vs. Barcelona 1986 European Cup Final - 4 straight


Most Penalties Saved in Normal Time:

Walter Scott in 1909 - 3

Gary Bailey in 1980 - 3

Matt Glennon 2007 - 3


Most Career Goals Scored by a Goalkeeper:

Rogerio Ceni (Sao Paulo FC) - 129

*He’s also the player with the longest career as player and captain of the same football club. 


Most Goals Conceded in a World Cup Qualifying Match:

Nicky Salapu (American Samoa) vs. Australia - 31


Least Amount of Goals Conceded in a World Cup Final:

Pascal Zuberbuhler (Switzerland) at the 2006 World Cup - 0*

*The Swiss were knocked out on penalties in the round of 16 by Ukraine 


Most International Appearances:

Mohamed Al-Deayea Saudi Arabia - 181 caps


Longest Streak Without Conceding a Goal in a Single Season:

Matos Filho Mazaropi (Vasco da Gama) - 1,816 minutes

*Europe* Dany Verlinden (Club Brugge) - 1,390 minutes


Fastest Goal Ever Scored by a Goalkeeper:

Asmir Begovic (Stoke City) vs. Southampton 2013 - 12 seconds 


Consecutive League Appearances:

Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City) - 209 consecutive games over five years.


Fastest MLS Red Card Ever:

Joe Nasco (Colorado) vs. LA Galaxy in 2014 - 34 seconds


The World's Most Expensive Goalkeeper:

Gianluigi Buffon to Juventus - £33 million

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