How To Brush Your Teeth At A Champions League Match

A fan brushed his teeth during the Champions League qualifier between Liverpool and Hoffenheim at Anfield. We hope he used proper technique!

Watching a Champions League match can be exhilarating, but you know what is also exhilarating? Having fresh breath!

One Hoffenheim fan at the club's Champions League qualifier in Liverpool last week decided he couldn't have just one or the other. He needed Champions League football and fresh breath.

Brushing your teeth at a Champions League match is a tricky proposition, though, so we've developed a handy guide for those of you who think elite club football and strong enamel are not mutually excusive.

Pick The Correct Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Some people have decided that toothbrushes with animal hair bristles are a good idea. Toothbrushes with animal hair bristles are actually not a good idea. All sorts of bacteria can get stuck in there. Stick to synthetic bristles.

Toothpaste should contain flouride and come in a tube small enough that stadium security won't hassle you.

Use Only A Pea-sized Amount Of Toothpaste

Too much toothpaste can cause foaming in the mouth and cause you to spit out the toothpaste before you're done brushing. If a pea-sized amount is not enough, you're doing it wrong!

Brush For At Least Two Minutes

It helps to divide your mouth into zones and spend a certain amount of time on each zone. Two minutes can feel like a long time, but an easy way to time yourself is to use the clock on the scoreboard.


Use Proper Brushing Technique

The toothbrush should be at a 45-degree angle against the gumline. DO NOT FORGET TO BRUSH THE GUMLINE. Properly cleaning the gums helps protect against plaque and gingivitis. Make sure to brush the inside, outside and chewing surfaces. And don't forget the molars! And the tongue, too! That's where bad breath originates!

Try to brush during substitutions and other dead-ball situations so you miss as little of the action as possible.

Properly Dispose Of Your Materials

Rinse and spit. Do not spit your toothpaste out on one of your fellow fans or a steward. Even if it's a fan of the other team and he or she is being obnoxious, do not, I repeat DO NOT spit your toothpaste out on them. They will not appreciate how clean your mouth is! If at all possible, you should use a stadium bathroom, where they almost certainly have sinks.

You may get some stick from your fellow fans, but the joke will be on them, because they are not plaque-free like you. But try to do this during halftime or see if you can wait until after the match. You wouldn't want to miss anything!

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