What In The Pogba? Who Knew Deadpool Was Such A Soccer Fan?

“Deadpool 2” comes to theaters on Friday, and 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds are doing everything in their power to convince you to go see that instead of "Avengers: Infinity War" or staying at home to play Fortnite. But a fun Deadpool soccer connection has been made in a number of the Marvel superhero’s hilarious advertising videos. 

Deadpool is probably the most likable superhero in the Marvel or DC universe, assuming you’re fine with boundary pushing obscene language, shocking sexual innuendo, ghastly violence and adorable fart jokes. The character’s constant breaking of the fourth wall is a constant reminder that this is all in fun, something soccer fans would do well to remember when watching matches. 

So then maybe it makes sense for Deadpool soccer commercials to pop up right before the release of the second eponymous movie. 

Deadpool, like the Ryan Reynolds who plays him, is Canadian. Canadians aren’t exactly known for their soccer, but they are known for being lovable, like my boss Matt, who’s just super great. Deadpool lives up to this in his first soccer advertisement, playing off an insult he made about David Beckham in the first film.

The Beckham comment was the only reference to soccer in the first movie, but Deadpool appears committed to swaying the soccer fan to theaters worldwide during the media blitz for “Deadpool 2.”

And what better way to connect with soccer fans than by joining teams with (and mocking) Manchester United, a club with one of the largest social media followings in the world. 

The Deadpool Man U trailer may be the best reason to watch the Jose Mourinho-coached Red Devils yet.

Ryan Reynolds also made a trip around Europe recently, presumably to promote the film, and stopped by Real Madrid's Bernabeu.

Unfortunately, since we haven’t seen the film yet, it’s unclear if there will be any actual soccer in “Deadpool 2.” The supposed bad guy is Cable, who would probably give David de Gea a run for his money as best goalkeeper in the world if he gave any shits about soccer. 

But we all know Deadpool would be the greatest soccer player of all time. He’s got more athleticism than Cristiano Ronaldo, more accuracy and precision than Lionel Messi and enough charisma to get away with doing all the drugs, unlike Diego Maradona. He can also contort his body in all sorts of nonsensical ways to kick a ball and would never miss a match with injury. 

But, since he's Canadian, Deadpool would never get to play in the World Cup. Unless the U.S., Mexico and Canada joint bid wins the 2026 tournament, but we all know FIFA is going to screw up and give it to Morocco

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