The Bird Box Soccer Challenge Is Worth Taking Your Blindfold Off To See

The game where you can't open your eyes or you'll get a red card.

If you haven’t heard about the new Netflix movie Bird Box, well, you probably live under a rock. The eye-opening, or should I say eye-closing, movie has caused a blindfold outbreak. Not only did Sandra Bullock, Boy and Girl need to go about their lives with their eyes covered, but they inspired people in the non-cinematic world to try and go about their daily lives blindfolded.

The so-called “Bird Box Challenge” has taken over and just so happened to reach the soccer world. And, if I do say so myself, it’s a game that’s not so ea(see). Sorry, too punny?

This attempt to play with blindfolds is quite the test for your awareness on the pitch and where the ball is. And their attempt resulted in an epic fail. 

*If you want to see how the best pull it off, meet Brazil’s Jefinho. Blind as a result of glaucoma, the attacker inspired his country to gold at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in 5-a-side football, and his performances included this stunning brace against China in the semifinals.

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