Freestyle Legend Jayzinho Shows Off Incredible Touch In The New adidas COPA 19

For months, you've been hearing rumors of a laceless COPA from adidas. Now it's finally here: the world's first-ever laceless leather boot. At an event in Milan, the company unveiled the adidas COPA 19, which is a revolutionary new version of one of the most iconic cleats of all time.

The new adidas COPA 19

We could write paragraphs and paragraphs telling you just how great the adidas COPA 19 is – how its fusionskin technology and premium K-leather upper combine to give you the ultimate touch on the ball.

We'd rather just show you. So, with the help of freestyle legend and adidas-sponsored athlete Jayzinho (@Jayzinho10), we took to the streets to see just what the new COPA 19 could do. The results were impressive.

Don't try that at home, kids. Well, except for that part on the field at the end. Try that in your new COPA 19s.

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