15 Times We Wish We Had VAR In Real Life

Video Assistant Referee is now as much a part of soccer as shin guards and blisters. While many (particularly those Luddites in England) wish VAR didn’t exist, we here at The18 embrace video replay. In fact, we want VAR to be used in more than just soccer.

Imagine if, as you’re going through your daily routine, you could call upon a video assistant to check something, anything. Ignoring for a moment the fact that your entire life will be recorded on video, the ways you could improve your life are endless with VAR.

Here are 18 everyday moments that need VAR outside soccer.

Everyday Moments That Need VAR Outside Soccer

Red Card Offenses

Whether someone double-dipped in the guac

Which roommate left their dishes in the sink

Who filled the trash can

Cutting in line

Who peed in the pool

Cases Of Mistaken Identity

VAR will inform you of the names of your significant others’ friends you’ve forgotten

If you in fact ordered your coffee with almond milk

Goal/No Goal

Whether someone lifted their finger off the chess piece

Whether or not you were late

When you can’t find your keys/phone

Penalty/No Penalty

Peep who that text to your partner was from

When someone cheats on game night

When someone flops

Prove to the cops you weren’t committing a traffic violation

Figuring out who’s playing hooky

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