They Wanted To Celebrate With Cartwheels And Kids. So The Other Team Scored From Midfield.

You see, K-Stars? This is why we can’t have friends. Everything was going just great. You scored an amazing goal, off an immaculate strike from out wide, deeper than anyone thought you had any right to score from. You celebrated as a team, even the goal keeper was getting into it. But then you just had to run to the complete other side of the field in order to celebrate with your fans. Yes, we know they were from the primary school that you sponsor. You should ask yourselves, who got taught a lesson today? 

We never get to see the reaction of those kids, but we’d imagine it looked something like this. 

And you know what? Everything would’ve been just fine if you hadn’t given the ball back to the referee. Just take the yellow, K-Stars! If you are going to celebrate so extravagantly, just take the yellow. 

H/T SBnation

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