Watch: Serbia briefly turn into prime 2010 Spain and score beautiful tiki-taka goal

Serbia and Cameroon arguably played the best game of the 2022 World Cup on Monday with a six-goal thriller that ended 3-3. The game also saw a Serbia tiki-taka goal that honestly looked like it could have been scored by that legendary 2010 Spain squad.

The Eagles of Serbia were soaring after scoring two goals in first-half stoppage time to take a 2-1 lead. Playing with supreme confidence, Serbia scored one of the prettiest team goals of the tournament in the 53rd minute.

Look at this string of passes from the Serbs.

Serbia Tiki-Taka Goal vs. Cameroon

Star man Aleksandar Mitrovic was the one to score the goal — his second-ever World Cup goal — but it was all about the teamwork. Mitrovic was denied by the post in the 11th minute, but he couldn’t miss this one.

Much like the Golden State Warriors in 2016, Serbia would blow a 3-1 lead. Here were all six goals from Monday’s crazy game.

More games like this please!

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