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We Tried These Totally Real PB&J Sandwiches From The 12 Countries Competing In Women’s Soccer This Summer

Twelve different countries are competing in women’s soccer this summer and are putting on one of the greatest shows ever seen. What if this clash of culture and competition was decided on the kitchen counter instead of the field? 

What Unites Us All? Passion For Soccer And Love For PB&Js

No game brings people together from around the world like soccer, just like no sandwich is able to unify our global taste buds quite like a PB&J. Millions will find joy in watching the competition in Japan, just like tens of millions enjoy peanuts for their versatility, taste and nutritional value. 

To celebrate the teams that are competing for the highest honor on the women’s side of the tournament, we’re teaming up with the National Peanut Board to examine each country’s passion for the game and love of peanuts.   

Peanut Butter & Jelly Is An Iconic Duo, But Is It As Classic As These Pairings You’ll Find At A Soccer Game?

Everyone loves an iconic duo. America’s greatest sandwich, the PB&J, might just be one of the most synonymous pairings in the history of pairings. It’s honestly hard to try to think of a pair that’s more well-known than the PB&J. 

An exhilarating summer of soccer awaits fans in Japan this summer. Perhaps the biggest sport in the world has a couple of pairings that dare to challenge the iconicity of the PB&J. Here are five pairings at soccer games that you simply can’t avoid.