Watch: Nashville’s Jacob Shaffelburg gets hit with brutal cheap shot during Inter Miami game

A new rivalry is beginning to boil between Inter Miami and Nashville SC with Thursday night’s 2-2 draw in the Concacaf Champions Cup fueling the hatred between the two sides.

The Round of 16 first leg game saw plenty of scuffles, controversy and an unnecessary cheap shot on Nashville’s Jacob Shaffelburg.

Inter Miami’s Tomás Avilés was caught on camera decking Shaffelburg with his shoulder off the ball. 

Shaffelburg hit vs. Inter Miami

A crushing cheap shot from the 19-year-old Inter Miami defender.

Shaffelburg was also elbowed in the face during the Concacaf clash.

Perhaps laying out Shaffelburg wasn’t the smartest move because the Canadian’s response was a blistering strike to extend Nashville’s lead to 2-0. Mind you, Shaffelburg had scored the game’s opener too.

Nashville and Inter Miami have played some extremely tight games in the past seven months including the Leagues Cup final in August which saw the Herons win 10-9 on penalty kicks after drawing 1-1.

The two drew 0-0 several days after that final in MLS play and have now drawn yet again in the Concacaf Champions Cup. Thursday’s game saw temperatures raise. It’s safe to say these two teams don’t like each other.

Miami ended up getting the last laugh with a late Luis Suárez goal to tie the Round of 16 matchup at 2-2 after the first leg. Concacaf still uses the away goals rule which means Nashville will need to score in Fort Lauderdale to avoid being eliminated. A 0-0 or 1-1 draw would see Nashville out of the tournament.

With how feisty the first leg was we’ll be sure to have our popcorn ready for round two on Wednesday.

These two sides will also play a regular season game on April 20 in Fort Lauderdale.

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