This Angle Of Thiago’s Majestic Volley Appears To Defy Physics

I’ll admit, I love a good team goal. But there’s just something about a sweetly struck volley that cannot be beat. I mean, just look at this Thiago goal vs Porto on Wednesday.

While most of us were trying to watch the PSG-Manchester City match, Liverpool cruised past Porto 2-0 to go an impressive 10 points ahead of second-place Porto with one match left in Group B. 

Thiago scored the opener before Mo Salah dropped two defenders to make it 2-0. We’ll get to that Salah goal in a moment, but first let’s appreciate the beauty of Thiago’s goal, a volley from about 30 yards that was so well hit it never rose higher than a foot off the turf.

Thiago Goal vs Porto

The ball initially dips from the direction of Thiago’s strike before rising from the backspin placed on it. Perhaps the ball skimmed the turf, but it certainly didn’t bounce off it. I could watch this back angle of the Thiago goal vs Porto on repeat for the rest of the year and be happy.

Thiago Goal vs Porto (Behind Angle)

Just watch that a few more times before we move on — I’ll wait. 

Embed from Getty Images

Done? OK.

In addition to Thiago’s stunning strike, Mo Salah embarrassed a couple of Porto defenders to ensure all three points for Liverpool. The Egyptian cut in from the right, as he so often does, before juking one defender to the floor. He then ripped a vicious shot inside the near post as another defender helplessly fell to the pitch. 

Two great goals as Liverpool is cruising into the Round of 16. The Reds will just hope they don’t draw PSG next after Manchester City ensured Lionel Messi and Co. will be second-place finishers

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