You won’t believe this rare moment as English club score two goals in the SAME minute

EFL League One side Portsmouth accomplished an amazing feat on Tuesday when the club managed to score two goals in the same minute against Barnsley.

Portsmouth managed to open the scoring and double their lead in the eighth minute. It started with a penalty kick that striker Colby Bishop converted. The penalty was scored right after the clock had ticked over to 7:01, AKA the eighth minute.

Then in the span of less than 60 seconds a celebration took place, the kickoff was taken, Portsmouth regained possession and managed to score again.

Two goals in the eighth minute.

Portsmouth score two goals in same minute

It looks incredibly odd on the final score sheet to see two different names next to the 8’ mark.

Portsmouth score two goals in same minute

Seeing back-to-back goals so quickly at the professional level is so rare. To see them in the same minute is even scarcer. 

The person in charge of providing game updates on Portsmouth’s Twitter page must have been scrambling to get the tweets out fast enough.

Portsmouth went on to win the game 3-2.

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