Watching A Champions League Game With Out Of Sync Audio Is My New Personal Hell, Benfica Defeats Ajax

Benfica pulled off a smash-and-grab victory in Amsterdam on Tuesday defeating a much better-looking Ajax side 1-0 to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals winning 3-2 on aggregate.

If you watched the game on Paramount+ then you also suffered an unbearable 90 minutes where the audio was about one second ahead of the video on screen. One second doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but it becomes very apparent while watching.

Darwin Núñez scored the game’s sole goal in the 77th minute off a header. Even in the highlights you hear the commentator reacting to the goal before the ball ever goes in. This out of sync audio gives you a headache after about 15 minutes.

The commentator yelled, “and they’ve got it!” before the ball ever touched Núñez’s head. Brilliant stuff Paramount+ I'm glad I spend $60 a year on this crap. The only answer the streaming service had for the error was the equivalent of “oopsie whoopsie.”

The people of Twitter weren’t as kind as me when expressing their displeasure with the audio. Here were some of the complaints.

Reaction To Paramount Audio Issues

Benfica advance to the quarterfinals for the first time since the 2015-16 edition of the tournament.

The Portuguese club just did enough to get by a rather dominant Ajax side. Ajax spent nearly the entire game in Benfica’s half of the field but couldn’t find a clean look on Benfica’s goal. Despite having 16 shots (four times as many as Benfica) Ajax was shut out for the first time in the Champions League this season.

The gurus over at CBS attempted to save face by correcting the audio for the highlights, but we all know this isn't how it was during the game.

Ajax vs. Benfica Full Highlights

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