Djorkaeff Reasco Scores Screamer From 40 Yards Causing Commentator To Immediately Orgasm

Newell's Old Boys fans were treated to an absolute missile from Djorkaeff Reasco.

Something must be in the water at Newell’s Old Boys. Just two weeks after Pablo Pérez scored a worldie, his teammate Djorkaeff Reasco scored a Puskás candidate of his own against Gimnasia as his side won 2-0. 

As Reasco controlled a pass from his teammate, maybe five yards from the center circle, nothing else was on his mind. After taking his touch to settle the ball, the Ecuadorian forward absolutely leathered a strike from the better part of forty yards. 

From the moment it left his foot, Gimnasia's keeper Rodrigo Rey stood no chance. It didn’t matter that Rey was inside his own six-yard box, that ball was destined for the back of the net. From the parking lot, another area code, or however else you want to describe it, he had no right to shoot from there, let alone score. 

For a split second, when you see a goal of that magnitude, nothing else matters. Everything fades and then reality sets in again. But that brief, fleeting moment is exactly why we love this game.

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