Pablo Pérez Just Scored The Goal Of The Century

Nothing else matters right now. Pablo Pérez of Newell’s Old Boys has just etched his name on the 2022 Puskás Award. 

The 37-year-old (yes, you read that right) scored the stunner in the 10th minute as Newell’s Old Boys lost 2-1 to Godoy Cruz in the Argentine Primera División.

Why he thought it was a good idea to shoot an acrobatic volley from the top of the box is beyond any of us, but we're eternally grateful for his genius. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that the ball curls and drops just in time to thrash the underside of the bar without a millimeter to spare, en route to the side netting.

The goal evokes memories of another Argentine, Gabriel Batistuta, and his ridiculous efforts, especially one against Udinese. It’s the type of goal that is destined to live on YouTube forever — a compilation creator’s dream. Outrageously daft, instinctively thought of and perfectly executed.

The Puskás Award isn’t even worthy of this goal. FIFA needs to make a new award for Goal of the Century and just give it to Pablo Pérez. 

Football? Completed it mate.

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