Fans Can’t Believe How Much Charlotte FC Is Charging For Season Tickets

Charlotte FC, the club with a shit name and shitter logo, is set to become Major League Soccer’s 28th club in 2022. On Friday, the club announced even shittier news: absurd Charlotte FC season ticket prices for its inaugural season. 

Charlotte was awarded a franchise in 2019 and will play at Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. (David Tepper owns both teams.) The club has already signed four players you’ve never heard of but has yet to name a coach. There’s optimism in Charlotte but if we’re being honest little real hope the club can become as competitive as the NWSL’s N.C. Courage right away.

But new clubs always bring excitement to their communities, and it appears Tepper is eager to tap into that to make a buck. The billionaire hedge-fund manager’s team announced season ticket prices for Charlotte FC’s 2022 season and you might need to be a hedge-fund manager to afford them.

The cheapest option for season tickets starts at $486 for the supporters’ section, which is general admission. After that, the prices skyrocket to $630 before a hefty personal seat license cost, meaning you’ll have to pay 20 bucks shy of $1,000 for the cheapest non-general admission seat. 

Charlotte FC Season Ticket Prices

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These prices might be normal to Tepper’s NFL team, but in soccer they’re unheard of. One of the biggest sticking points for fans is Charlotte FC’s insistence on demanding a personal seat license, just another way to gouge fans. I guess Tepper wants to make up that $325 million expansion fee ASAP. 

Here’s a bit of the reaction from fans in North Carolina and around the league. 

For a bit comparison, Liverpool’s cheapest season tickets start at $480. Liverpool, the club that won the Premier League in 2020 and the Champions League in 2019, has cheaper season tickets than Charlotte FC, a club that has yet to play a game. 

Charlotte FC Season Ticket Prices

For 2019-20. Via

If I were starting a club in 2022 and had a massive NFL-sized stadium at my disposal, I would make tickets dirt cheap to drum up as much attention as possible. Pricing out the majority of your potential fans is a good way to ensure your team gets relocated to Las Vegas. But what do I know, I’m no billionaire. 

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