Spurs Problematic Signing Of Yves Bissouma Amid Sexual Assault Allegation

Spurs signing of Yves Bissouma raises some questions about how transfers of players with legal troubles should be handled.

As of this week, Spurs have officially announced the signing of Malian midfielder Yves Bissouma for a fee reportedly worth £25 million. On the field, Bissouma has been a standout player for Brighton and Hove Albion, but off it, things have been a bit more complicated.

In late October of 2021, Bissouma was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault at a nightclub in Brighton. Since then he has not been charged with a crime but has not been removed from suspicion. This puts anyone associated with Bissouma in a difficult position given the potential outcome and ramifications of his case. 

However, now with Spurs completing the signing, they have made a statement that the possibility of guilt is not enough for them to look elsewhere in the transfer market. This is alarming in a time when we as a society are trying to move away from giving male celebrities and athletes preferential treatment and instead believe survivors. 

It is difficult to say that Spurs should immediately be punished for their actions but it does raise some eyebrows at what the line is and should be in the world of transfer dealings. From an outside perspective, it would be reassuring to see some regulations in place for players who have charges and allegations against them. 

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