Meet the Qatar Metro guy — a worker from Kenya who became the most viral person at the World Cup

A 23-year-old worker from Kenya has become one of the biggest stars off the field in Qatar. Abubakar Abbas has risen to stardom by saying one simple word: "Metro." Ladies and gentlemen, meet the star of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Metro guy.

Metro? Metro!

The internet and social media — especially TikTok — is incredibly random in terms of what goes viral. Abbas’ popularity spawned on TikTok where videos of him have garnered millions and millions of views.

He’s created a TikTok account that already has over 50,000 followers.

Abbas’ task is simple, he sits in a chair similar to a lifeguard’s and points tourists and fans to Qatar’s metro station using a foam finger. His power comes with his megaphone, where he says that one magic word.

Sometimes he spices it up and adds a “this way” into his directions.

Qatar Metro Guy

He even made an appearance during the England vs. USA game at Al Bayt stadium where he got to talk to the whole stadium.

Celebrities have visited as the famous Chef Burak stopped by to hear the Metro gospel.

Qatar organizers have awarded him for his work.

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