The One Post You Should Read On 3-Year Anniversary Of USMNT’s Darkest Day

Even three years later, it’s not hard to recall the exact feelings that fateful night exactly three years ago. The USMNT, expected to get at least a point and avoid a total collapse to book its berth at the 2018 World Cup instead lost spot in the most bizarre of days.

We’ve already recapped the events of that miserable moment in USMNT history on a past anniversary, but on the three-year anniversary, we just wanted to share one post about that event.

Jeff Crandall, who has been a USMNT content manager since 2016, used the three-year anniversary and World Mental Health Day to express his thoughts on that night. Just like the players, he took the loss hard and blamed himself for the defeat. 

You have to appreciate Crandall’s honesty and openness. It’s also a good reminder that the USMNT players, no matter how bad you felt they performed against Trinidad and Tobago, did try their best, and it’s not fair to continue to harass them for that one failure. I’m looking at you, Michael Bradley haters. Everyone makes mistakes.

And yes, as Crandall said, you all should vote, even if you have to follow this guy’s lead to do so.

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