Improper Handball – Juan Pablo Vigón Goes And Touches Piojo Alvarado's Private Parts

Too handsy, too ballsy.

Juan Pablo Vigón created a few talking points after Tigres' 4-1 win over Chivas on Tuesday night in Liga MX. On the one hand, the midfielder stood out with a brace that led to the victory, but on the other, he caused a social media stir after he was caught getting ... mmm ... handsy with Roberto Alvarado's private parts. 

Not cool.

Juan Pablo Vigón touches Piojo Alvarado private parts

The improper action happened during a random corner kick in favor of Tigres seconds before halftime. Vigón was next to Alvarado on the front post and, in the effort to free himself from his mark, got one of his hands right there, pouncing over where life is born. 

Everything was fast and went unnoticed by the refs and VAR.

At home, however, many fans noted the moment and made it viral on social media. Of course, in the teenager's mind that life seems to unravel in our society, a ton of jokes were made, too. But is it something to laugh at?

The action is not uncommon in the soccer world; it's part of the folklore if you want. However, it's not OK and needs to be punished as it is: flagrant aggression. 

It may not be visually as violent as an elbow to the head or some studs on the fibula, but I think there is nothing worse than feeling our intimacy violated without consent. 

So a red card should be a good starting point. 

Chivas vs. Tigres highlights

Speaking of the game, Tigres stopped a seven-game streak without losing for Chivas. 

Goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán was crucial in the result, keeping a clean sheet for most of the match and letting his teammates on attack take the rest of the job in their hands. 

Vigón led the rout with a brace, while Samir de Souza and Florian Thauvin scored the third and fourth goals.

Just before the final whistle, Ángel Zaldívar put Chivas on the scoresheet.

Tigres' next game will be against Puebla on Friday. On the other hand, Chivas will visit América in a new edition of El Clásico Nacional on Saturday. 

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