‘What A Clown!’: Fans Criticize Chicharito After Denying Photo And Autograph To A Kid

There is a day in life when all soccer fans discover that the game is not as pure and immaculate as they always thought but a gigantic castle of money, lies and big egos. That moment came this weekend too soon for a little boy in Dallas who just wanted a photo and autograph from his idol, Javier Hernández. 

After seeing Chicharito hopping out from the LA Galaxy bus — for the game vs. FC Dallas last weekend — the kid ran toward Chicharito with a cell phone and a marker in his hands to immortalize the moment while imagining endless stories about the encounter to tell his friends. However, the striker popped the happy bubble by deciding to snub him in a very insensitive manner. 

Chicharito denies photo and autograph to a kid

Of course, there is a video of the sequence.

No idea about the whole context, but what is in the clip doesn't speak very well of Chicharito. The player sees the kid and, despite not being surrounded by other fans, goes for a soul-crushing no. How hard could it have been to take five seconds of his priceless time to make a kid smile?

The clip continues with Chicharito talking with another group of fans, asking them to pass while shutting down more photo requests.

Hernández's attitude with the fans was immediately criticized. The account that uploaded the video was merciless. 

"What a despot and a clown, this guy," says the post. "To despise a kid like that, what is wrong with this moron? ... People should choose their idols better because they are worse and worse. I hope his life coach tells him he should treat kids well."

Yeah! a big boo for him. And nothing like this guy called Lionel Messi, who rescued a boy from security guards to fulfill his dream just a few days ago. 

Chicharito vs. Chivas

On the field, Chicharito will play this Wednesday, Aug. 3, in the friendly between LA Galaxy and Chivas, his boyhood club. The match is at 8 p.m. in the SoFi Stadium. You can watch it on TV in the U.S. via TUDN.

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