Kicking opponents not enough for Sergio Ramos: PSG star shoves photographer after UCL defeat

Sergio Ramos is on-the-spot after a video of him being physical with two photographers came to light. 

The incident occurred while Ramos and other PSG stars were thanking the team's ultras for their support despite a very disappointing 1-0 loss against Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League's Round of 16 on Tuesday night.

Sergio Ramos shoves photographer

In the clip, you can see a photographer unintentionally stepping on Ramos's feet. The Spanish defender got angry immediately, demanding him to be more careful, which – OK – is a reasonable thing to ask.

However, what came next was just unjustifiable. 

While Ramos was squaring his issues with the photographer, a second photographer bumped into the player, causing him to lose his absolute marbles. Not even counting to one, Ramos turned to face the other photographer and shove him away.

Ramos was rougher than he was with Mo Salah in the 2018 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool – wow, five years ago already! – or any other victim of his ruthless jobs inside the pitch.

Disgusting and unnecessary. 

Nor Ramos nor PSG nor UEFA have publicly talked about the incident, but both photographers for sure need a proper apology.

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