Watch This Wizard Of The Dribble Use The Killing Curse On His Defender

19-year-old Italian winger Riccardo Orsolini sent his defender sprawling to the pitch after a series of bewitching twists and turns.

Here’s a player to keep an eye on: 19-year-old Italian youth international Riccardo Orsolini. Orsolini plays his football for Ascoli in the Italian Serie B. According to his extremely vague Wikipedia page, the boy has got “excellent dribbling” abilities. You’re goddamn right he does. 

He’s using the elastico, the nutmeg, the spin, the swivel, the feint, perhaps even a double nutmeg, all on one poor defender that ends up about five yards away and on the ground. I don’t think he broke his ankles, I think he broke his will to live. 

The advertising hoarding behind the goal reads “RISPETTO” (Respect), but Orsolini has directly disobeyed that order. We could put him on trial for this savagery, but what’s the point in prosecuting Death?

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