Did Spider-Man Take A Dive Or Was It A Stonewall Penalty? You Be The Ref

With the speed, strength and powers of a spider, it’s difficult to believe that Spider-Man didn’t initiate the contact himself.

Manchester City’s 5-0 demolition of West Ham at the London Stadium was a crushing experience for Hammers fans. The loudest cheer of the night was reserved for an appearance from high school student Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man was felled in the penalty area, his tackler immediately pointing to the spot in a display of sportsmanship that’s rarely seen. But was it really a penalty, or did Spidey take a dive?

The web-slinger has superhuman strength, super agility, spidey-sense and the ability to sling webs, so it’s difficult to believe that this is anything other than simulation. It’s a rash challenge, but superhuman kinesthetics mean that the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man almost certainly could’ve stayed on his feet.

Is Peter Parker that kind of player though? If he’s as insufferable as Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3, yes. 

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