Watch Radamel Falcao Hit A Long-Range Stunner Like He Doesn't Even Care

Monaco's Radamel Falcao is not here for the bullshit today.

Radamel Falcao clearly woke up this morning and decided he was done with everyone.


That's it. Finished.

In the 85th minute of Monaco's match against Caen Tuesday, Falcao plum ran out of fucks to give. He had also exhausted his backup supply of fucks.

Falcao looked like he was about to lay it off safely to a teammate like a good little target man but changed his mind at the last moment, said "screw it" and let fly with a beauty.

Monaco ended up winning 2-0 with Falcao supplying the perfect way to put the game away. Shades of Carli Lloyd in the 2015 World Cup Final.

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