You Cannot Hit A Ball Any Cleaner Than Victor Wanyama Just Did

A strike so pure that even Heisenberg would have to approve.

I hope you watched Liverpool versus Tottenham this afternoon. If the Super Bowl comes close to matching the dramatics of this match, we’ve got a repeat of New England-Atlanta on our hands. It was madness. It was pandemonium. It was classic Greek tragedy.

Mohamed Salah’s legend as the most likable footballer on the planet grew and the penalty drama (x2) will never be resolved, but my word did Victor Wanyama lace one. Personally, I saw zero trace of the ball as it pulverized the ol’ onion bag (sorry for that reference).

As NBCSN’s commentators noted, Liverpool keeper Loris Karius just began his dive as the football was on its way back out of the net. It was an absolute crack, the kind of pure crack that Walter White would produce. 

I'm in favor of an English super league consisting of just Liverpool and Tottenham. Let's have this every week.

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