Ivo Rodrigues Broke Geometry With This Insane Finish

Ivo Rodrigues won Goal of the Year in Belgium for this.

This is the sort of goal players score in practice against a goalkeeper who is only sort of paying attention, then post on Instagram and get like a bajillion likes (or faves, or whatever the currency for post popularity is on Instagram. I am not on Instagram), only Ivo Rodrigues did it in a game.

Rodrigues, a Portuguese winger on loan at Royal Antwerp in Belgium from Porto, scored that goal in a league match against Oostende (Royal Antwerp won, 4-3) near the end of August, and it just won Belgium's Goal of the Year award. Deserved, we think.

Seriously the geometry of this thing. The physics. The touch has to be perfect and the angle has to be perfect, and if either of those things aren't perfect Rodrigues embarrasses himself. He doesn't embarrass himself, though. He scores an insane goal.

It's not a traditional bicycle kick finish, but it's not a scissor kick finish either. It's an unholy hybrid of the two, and with the foot opposite the one a player would normally use in that situation. 

So, in conclusion: Remember to always shoot your shot.

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