The Making Of Inked: How Neymar Jr. Became A Comic Book Superhero

Everyone wants to be a superhero. For Neymar Jr., his dream became a reality — but it wasn’t simple.

Neymar Jr. transformed into a comic book superhero in September with the launch of Neymar Jr. Comics, a collaboration with the comics studio Fan The Flame. Now, Neymar Jr. Comics is showing us how its artists, writers and producers created “Inked,” the first series of Neymar Jr.’s comic series.

“Inked” is the first of at least three different series Neymar Jr. Comics will produce and features a protagonist named Junior who receives superpowers through tattoo ink. Essentially, anything tattooed on Junior becomes an entity he can summon to aid him as a reluctant vigilante. 

In the above video, Neymar Jr. Comics creators explain how “Inked” comes to life. Featured in the video are: writer and editor in chief Jason Burns, a New York Times best-selling author, and illustrators Dustin Evans, Steve Gendron and Fero Peniche. Neymar Jr. himself also makes an appearance.

For more on the behind-the-scenes story of how Neymar Jr. created his own comic book series, check out our exclusive story here. For more on “Inked” and other Neymar Jr. Comics, head on over to

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