It Took Just 16 Minutes For Marcos Antonio To Turn Himself Into A Laughingstock

Defender Marcos Antonio's debut for Nurnberg didn't last more than 16 minutes.

Marcos Antonio's Bundesliga debut for Nurnberg in 2012 against Stuttgart was so bad the Brazilian defender was substituted after 16 minutes and never played for the club again (granted, a big part of that was injuries). It was one of just two appearances Antonio made for the club, the first coming in the DFB Pokal against TSV Havelse.

Antonio's debut was so bad the Bundesliga's YouTube channel didn't even pull any punches, uploading a video titled "16 Minutes of Shame, Marcos Antonio's Debut Disaster." If the league's official YouTube account, which exists as a branding exercise designed to drive positive publicity for the league, says you're trash, then you are most definitively trash.

This might be the fastest a player has fallen in the eyes of fans and management ever. Antonio now plies his trade in Malaysia.

This video illustrates how fickle the football industry is. One bad performance in his Bundesliga debut submarined what was until then a solid if not very noticeable career for Antonio. Now his career is noticeable, but for the wrong reasons.

Two errors is all it takes to finish a career. Unless you're Dejan Lovren.

(H/T Reddit)

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