Lionel Messi Commercial Named Best Ad Of Year By YouTube

Who needs the Ballon d’Or?

In a case of voters once again getting it all wrong, Lionel Messi finished fifth in the Ballon d’Or voting earlier this week. But Messi won another award this week that might actually be more valuable than a record sixth trophy for being the world’s best player. 

On Thursday, The YouTube Ad of the Year Awards (yeah, that’s a thing), honored Messi’s Gatorade commercial “Heart of a Lio” as the best ad of the year.

Released in the buildup to the 2018 World Cup, “Heart of a Lio” follows Messi from birth to the leadup to the 2018 World Cup. The animated commercial, about four minutes in length, is as inspiring as it gets for a company trying to sell you something.

The YouTube Ad of the Year Awards are a partnership with the Webby Awards, which have been around since 1996. The Messi Gatorade commercial beat the likes of ads from Apple, Tiffany & Co., Tourism Australia and Beats by Dre

In addition to the Best Picture award going to the Messi Gatorade Commercial, other ads honored included the likes of Nintendo Labo, Tiffany Haddish and Charles Barkley, so Leo is clearly in good company.

So while Messi may not have added a Ballon d’Or this week, his value is still skyrocketing with this YouTube award. And at least no one asked him to twerk.

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