Slovakian Second Division The Site Of A Truly Heinous Last-Minute Winner

There’s winning a match at the death and then there’s this.

A match between FK Pohronie and Spisska Nova Ves in the Slovakian second division has thrown up one of the greatest match-winning goals of all time. The hit was provided by Pohronie’s Lukas Pelegrini at the death after his side had been unable to breakdown the opposition, who had a man sent off in the 43rd minute.

Based on the levels of dejectedness here, you can assume that the 10-man side had defended like lions for an entire half. Based on the levels of pure ecstasy for the goalscoring side here, you can assume that this howitzer was greatly appreciated.

This is all we can really assume from the Slovakian second division as we don’t have a strong freelance network in the area. However, my sources can confirm that this was truly a spectacular meeting of foot and ball.

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