Reminder: Last Spring's El Clasico Was An All-Timer

Lionel Messi was brilliant as usual, but so were Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Keylor Navas and Luka Modric.

Everyone remembers Lionel Messi's performance in El Clasico back in April. He scored two goals: one incredible dribble goal and a late winner because of course he scored a late winner.

However, watching the highlights, one is reminded of the cat-like reflexes of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Keylor Navas, the audacity of James Rodriguez, the thing where one forgets how good Ivan Rakitic is and then he reminds one that he is in fact very good, Casemiro somehow scoring a goal, Messi winking at Sergio Ramos after the latter was sent off and all sorts of other amazing things. I just hope Saturday's Clasico is half as good.

(Because La Liga is weird, you'll have to click to watch the above video on YouTube instead of on our wonderful website.)

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