Insane Women’s World Cup Ticket Fiasco Enraging Fans Weeks Before Kickoff

The 2019 Women’s World Cup kicks off in less than three weeks in France. FIFA announced fans who bought Women's World Cup tickets could print them out starting on Monday. 

Women's World Cup tickets were cheap and fairly easy to score, even for the final and semifinals, as we outlined here. But it appears FIFA’s ticketing system had some major flaws. 

Almost immediately on Monday, people began to notice a huge problem — and FIFA’s response was even more infuriating. 

Scores of people printed out their Women's World Cup tickets on Monday only to find seats that were bought together were not placed together. Fans expecting to sit next to their friends and family realized they would not be able to enjoy the biggest sporting event of the summer next to their loved ones.

What an horrifying thing to discover 18 days before the Women’s World Cup begins.

But what made it worse was FIFA’s response.

What utter bullshit. 

The fact FIFA said it can fix issues for children not sitting with guardians means FIFA can fix any seating issue, it just chooses not to do so.

Instead of apologizing or trying to rectify the shitty situation it created, FIFA blamed the fans for not reading some fine print that was supposedly shown after the order was placed. Plus, from the responses on Twitter, it sounds like many who purchased Women's World Cup tickets either did not get such a message or it was too easily missed. 

Admittedly, I don’t know the ins and outs of ticket distribution programming, but it seems like any program worth a damn would put tickets bought together actually together instead of splitting them up, unless they were the last few seats purchased. And if the seats would not be together, it should be specified before purchase. It’s unbelievable to even consider creating a system where this many people are not sitting together. 

The 2019 Women’s World Cup should be an amazing opportunity for FIFA to show it actually cares about the women’s game, instead we get this Women's World Cup tickets crap. 

I suppose we shouldn't expect anything less from FIFA. 

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