Watch A Small Child Lose It When He Meets One Of His Heroes

Whoever first said "never meet your heroes" obviously didn't see this young Stoke City fan's eyes light up when he figured out he was going to get to meet Peter Crouch.

Crouch, a tall, lanky center forward, is known as one of the game's good guys, so it's nice to see young fans so excited to see him, even if he is on the tail-end of his career.

You might say the young lad is (clears throat) "Stoked" to meet Crouch. You never know if athletes are going to be nice to fans or not. The constant attention can wear on a person (we've heard). Crouch seems pretty cool, though.

The 6-7 striker has scored 43 Premier League goals since arriving at Stoke City in 2011, including four this season in 24 appearances. Not bad for a 37-year-old.

The last time we were as excited as the kid in the video, Santa Claus was involved.

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