Watch Diego Costa Tool Around On A Gator Utility Vehicle

Diego Costa is a strange dude.

But the following behind-the-scenes video from Chelsea training makes you wonder: how is this team at the top of the Premier League table with Diego acting like this?

Diego begins by investigating the idle John Deere vehicle as if it were delivered from another planet. He then hops behind the wheel and drives around like a pre-teen in an empty parking lot. 

The video also captures Brazilian winger Willian having fun with a GoPro camera. I mean these guys really love selfies. But whatever. 

Things take a very strange turn when it’s time for a hurdle exercise. Diego takes a hurdle and uses it as a sword.  He destroys the other hurdles just as the assistant coach finishes getting them all set. His teammates watch this in utter bewilderment. 

How do they put up with this guy every day?

Is he actually an adult? Does he have a babysitter? 

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