Chelsea Not Dead Yet After Kepa Row Thanks To Trippier's Shock Own Goal

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri elected to bench starting goalkeeper Kepa for Chelsea’s hosting of Tottenham.

The benching ended in favor of Sarri as the Spurs failed to get a shot on goal against veteran keeper Willy Caballero in a 2-0 victory on Wednesday. The Argentine was not tested in the net as the few shots Tottenham managed to get off were wide.

On the Blues’ side, Pedro played phenomenal after nutmegging Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris.

The Spaniard received a great feed from defender Cesàr Azpilicueta and Pedro did the rest, beating the Spurs and squeezing one into the back of the net.



Pedro also managed to get in the heads of what seemed like half of the Spurs team.

Following his goal, Tottenham pressured relentlessly but failed to score.

While trying to reset back to his keeper, Spurs defender Kieran Trippier sent the ball to his own net, where he thought Lloris was. Lloris was coming out to control the ball but Trippier never saw him and it secured the Spurs’ defeat.


Chelsea only got help from itself Wednesday as all top-six teams were in action, but Tottenham was the sole team coming out with a loss.

The Blues remain in sixth but just three points out of fourth with 53 points and a game in hand. 


The Spurs are still safe in third but back-to-back losses have hindered their chances at a title race, now eight points out second.

Next up, Chelsea will travel to Fulham. Chelsea’s road struggles will be equally matched by Fulham’s … everything struggles.

With a win, and a few losses in their favor, Chelsea will move into a tie for the fourth seed.

Tottenham on the other hand will host Arsenal, which is coming off a 5-1 smacking of Bournemouth.

Arsenal will have a chance to come within a point of Tottenham for third with a win.

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