Ronaldo Buries A Penalty, Diego Costa's Forearm Shiver Equalizes, Ronaldo Retakes Lead In Cooking First Half


The most anticipated matchup in the group stage didn’t waste any time getting the people going. It has lived up to the hype. We’ve gotten:

Vintage Cristiano step overs. Cristiano earning a PK with said stepovers. Two VAR instances. Diego Costa giving Pepe a forearm shiver. Diego Costa playing the Portuguese defense like a fiddle. An Isco shot off the bar that needed goal-line technology. And a shocking howler from David de Gea

At halftime, it was 2-1 Portugal. 

Let’s get to the Spain vs Portugal goals footage:

Here we see Cristiano Ronaldo fending off David Silva before executing a vintage Manchester United step over that caught his Real Madrid teammate, Nacho, reaching.

Here is Diego Costa obliterating the entire country of Portugal in a span of 10 seconds:

And to cap it all off, Ronaldo scored on a shot that went right at de Gea, who should have done better. 

Get to a TV folks. This one is cookin'!

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