Southampton Trolls Everyone With Most Amazing Announcement Video Yet

OK, it’s over, we’re calling it now.

All this nonsense over announcement videos for new club signings has reached its peak (nadir?) and will all go downhill from here after Southampton’s entrance into the fray. 

Southampton wins the award for best (worst?) announcement video, mainly for trolling every other club that went out of its way to create something entertaining. The best part is, Southampton probably put as much — if not more — effort into this production than most clubs. 

Now, if you’re an average soccer fan, you’re probably wondering who the hell is this Stuart Taylor anyway?

Well, to be honest, we’re not sure Southampton even knows. 

Supposedly he signed with the club last year, but the 36-year-old goalie didn’t make an appearance, so it’s really anybody’s guess. 

He’s a career backup who’s made 75 appearances in 17 seasons (that’s about four per season). A truly revolutionary signing for Southampton. It was vital the Saints locked him up for an additional year.

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