Shot-Stopping Hero Dad And Son Get To Visit Burnley Training Ground

The dad that stopped an errant shot from taking his son’s face off got invited to meet Joey Barton and Sean Dyche.

Adam Haworth and his superdad were invited to the Barnfield Training Center, home of Burnley FC, after the video of Adam’s dad saving his son from an errant shot went viral last Sunday. 

The entire family are huge Burnley supporters, so it was a treat for them all. Ashley Barnes, the Burnley player who almost ended Adam’s face, shows them around the place. My favorite moment is easily a ruminating Joey Barton staring quizzically at Adam over a cup of coffee. There would be nothing more unnerving in the world.

Joey Barton and Adam

Get out, son. Photo: YouTube

They also got to meet manager Sean Dyche, who looks like he chews gravel for breakfast and would inspire you to run through a cement wall for him. Burnley sit an impressive 12th in the Premier League table, which is great because they look like a friendly group of people. 

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