Sergio Ramos Claps Back After Gerard Pique Flames Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique are trolling each other like it’s the ESPN FC comment section.

The war of words between Gerard Pique and Real Madrid reached ESPN FC comment section levels of villainy with Sergio Ramos taking the time to respond to Pique’s latest trolling effort.

Pique has previously insinuated that Real always get an easy draw in the Champions League, that Real’s expulsion from the Copa del Rey last season was hilarious and that Alvaro Arbeloa is a cone — this is pretty much a regular thing from him. 

On Tuesday, Pique tweeted a laconic ellipses right after Cristiano Ronaldo scored Real’s go-ahead goal against Bayern Munich despite being in an offside position. Given Pique’s history of keyboard warrior-ing, we don’t need linguist Louise Banks to travel to Montana and board an extraterrestrial spacecraft to decipher its meaning (Arrival’s a good film). 


Ramos, according to Marca, took exception to Pique’s latest flaming of Real Madrid, and it wasn’t difficult for the Real Madrid captain to think of a retort. 

“Nothing new. I’m not surprised. He should rewind and look back to the PSG game and see if he thinks the same about the referees,” he responded.

Barcelona’s remarkable comeback against PSG required, besides an abject display from the Parisians, a no-call on a Javier Mascherano handball, Pique not receiving a second yellow in the 41st minute, Neymar’s contrived penalty in the box, Neymar’s stamp on Marquinhos not earning him a red, Pique not being called for a handball in the 78th, Mascherano simply taking out Angel Di Maria when he was clear on goal and Suarez winning a preposterous penalty for Barcelona’s fifth.

So Ramos has a point...but so does Pique. It’s these endless squabbles, with the losers rightly feeling indignant and the winners saying something trite like “You have to live with these decisions”, that make the day we introduce VAR grounds for a global celebration.

The unfortunate thing is that, until that day, Sunday's El Clasico massive matches will continue to be decided by refereeing debacles and the corresponding claims of conspiracy.    

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