Ronaldo Is Reportedly Mad At Isco For Not Celebrating His Assist With Enough Fervor

Cristiano Ronaldo's assist to Isco during Sunday's 3-0 win against Las Palmas was the product of a brilliant, surging run down the right wing.

However, being Cristiano Ronaldo, just creating a beautiful goal wasn't enough. Look how surly Ronaldo looks during the celebration. He looks as if the score was reversed, as if Real Madrid had just been scored on by Las Palmas via a surging run down the wing and beautiful pass into the middle to make it 3-0, instead of the other way around.

Reportedly, Ronaldo's sulkiness stems from Isco not immediately running over to Ronaldo and celebrating the assist with him, instead electing to celebrate the goal he scored with some other teammates before running over to Ronaldo and patting him on the cheek.

Perhaps Ronaldo is frustrated because he has only scored one goal in La Liga this season, and both Isco and Marco Asensio have scored four. Heck, even Casemiro has more goals than Ronaldo. However, even when Ronaldo is in the goals he tends to turn into an angsty teenager when he's not being given the ball and/or enough attention. Maybe he's going through an existential crisis regarding his own athletic mortality. At 32, after all, he's not getting any younger, and father time is undefeated.

Maybe he's mad because you know who else is undefeated right now? Barcelona.

I think it's because Ronaldo is having a tough season, what with the suspension and the terrible finishing and Real Madrid in third place, behind Valencia of all teams, and he finally got a win and expected his teammates to fawn over him again, and they did not do that. Ronaldo does play for Real Madrid, after all. One amazing play per game just isn't going to cut it.

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