Pep Guardiola Loves Coaching So Much He Even Coaches The Other Team

Pep Guardiola loves coaching. Pep Guardiola loves coaching more than you love anything, including your so-called "loved ones." Pep Guardiola has Thanksgiving with coaching and they never get into heated political arguments while the turkey gets cold.

At the end of Manchester City-Southampton Wednesday (which Raheem Sterling won for City at the death), Guardiola demonstrated just how much he loves coaching by coaching the hell out of Southampton midfielder Nathan Redmond.

Obviously Guardiola isn't just hurling insults here, because Redmond definitely would've got in his face. Instead, Redmond looks like he's absorbing information, thinking hard about what Pep is telling him.

At the press conference after the match, Guardiola said the encounter was centered around how Southampton were defending too much at the expense of playing actual soccer. "You're better than this," basically. We'll never know if that's accurate, but it sure looked like Pep was giving in to his natural instincts and coaching the nearest footballer to him.

UPDATE: The Sun is trash.

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