Non-League Player Banned After Allegedly Threatening Fan With Knife

A Clapton FC fan allegedly spat at a Sawbridgeworth Town player, who allegedly pulled a knife on the fan.

The best thing about first division football matches is they take place in gigantic stadiums with excellent security, which means that it is much more difficult for a footballer to go into the locker room and retrieve a knife and threaten a fan with it.

Yes, that is the best thing. You see, in the lower divisions there is far less security and therefore a far greater chance of a footballer menacing a spectator with a knife.

From The Guardian:

The tier-nine match was abandoned by the referee, Mario Stetakovic, on 95 minutes because of the incident. It is alleged that after being spat by a Clapton fan the Sawbridgeworth player retrieved a knife and threatened the supporter.

Eric Cantona wishes he had thought of this.

(H/T The Guardian)

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