Neymar's Reported PSG Contract Gives Him More Money Per Week Than Messi

So, Neymar to PSG is really heating up now. After Barcelona admitted Neymar said he wanted to leave and Messi said goodbye on Instagram, the Brazilian forward is reportedly in Porto to undergo a medical. The big story right now (read: for like the next 15 minutes until something else insane happens) is Neymar's PSG contract, which, according to Sky Sports, is a whopper.

The contract is said to pay Neymar somewhere in the neighborhood of $681,000 per week (after tax), which is more than Messi's new Barcelona contract pays out ($662,000-ish).

Even if Neymar never moves out of Messi's shadow as a player (rumored to be part of the reason for his move to Paris), he has at least now independently established himself financially. Let's face it: there was no way in hell he was ever going to make more money than Messi while at Barcelona. That's not how any of this works.

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