Monaco Advance To Champions League Quarterfinals Because LOL Man City's Defense

Prince Albert's men defeated Manchester City 3-1 in the Champions League round of 16.

The second leg of Monaco vs. Manchester City promised lunacy. After a 5-3 Manchester City won in the first leg, two exciting offenses backed by trash defenses faced off in Monaco, with the hosts moving on to the Champions League quarterfinals after a 3-1 win.

Monaco's defense proved to be the less trash defense and also Manchester City were lackadaisical in the first half and they couldn't finish to save their lives in the second.

Given that Radamel Falcao was missing and Manchester City still gave up three goals, I'd say they pretty much got what they deserved. 

Monaco will most likely be an underdog against whoever they face in the quarterfinals, but for now party on Prince Albert's yacht!

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